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Uninhibited, impulsive, and a little defiant – maybe not your average wine description, but hey, this isn’t exactly your average wine. Cheeky Monkey™ offers traditional yet untamed, flavourful wines meant to be enjoyed in their natural habitat – free from pretension and over-analysis. Embrace the unconventional and get cheeky.

White Wines

Chardonnay, Australia - Apple, pineapple, tropical fruits & no wood. CRIKEY!  M|No|D|11.5%
Gewürztraminer, Germany - Floral, spicy aromas with peach & apricot flavours.  L|No|O|11.5%
Pinot Gris, Washington State - Pear, white peach & pineapple with a refreshing finish.  M|No|D|13%
Riesling, California - Floral nose with crisp citrus, honey & apricot flavours.  L|No|O|12%
Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa - Crisp green apple with pineapple, pear, & herbal notes.  M|No|D|13%

Red Wines

Cabernet Merlot Garnacha, Spain - Olé! Blackberries, cherries, silky tannins & a zesty kick. MF|Yes|D|13%
Cabernet Sauvignon, South Africa - Blueberry, strawberry, black cherry & soft leather accents. F|Yes|D|12.5%
Malbec, Chile - Cherries, chocolate, mint & a smooth finish. Muy bueno.  F|Yes|D|13%
Merlot, Chile - Rich dark fruit, cedar, earth, spice & moderate tannins.  F|Yes|D|13.5%
Pinot Noir, Chile - Flower petals, berries & a touch of toasted vanilla.  M|Yes|D|13%
Sangiovese Syrah, Italy - Intense blackberry, strawberry, plum & black pepper.  F|Yes|D|12.5%
Shiraz, Australia - Plum, blackberry, currants & a peppery finish.  MF|Yes|D|11.5%
Valroza™, Italy (Valpolicella)- Soft & smooth with plum & cherry flavours. Bellissimo.  F|Yes|D|13.5%
Zinfandel Shiraz, California - Big & bold! Raspberry, cranberry, black fruit & pepper.  F|Yes|D|13%