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 Timeless, elegant and inspiring– that is KenRidge® Classic. Creating traditional wines with time honoured bouquets and flavours characteristic to each varietal, KenRidge® Classic is the foundation and standard in which the KenRidge® family is based. This premium line of wine kits delivers the quality and value discerning wine enthusiasts demand.                                                                                                                                                                          


White & Blush Wines

Chardonnay  Tropical Fruit, Green Apple, Oaky M |Yes |D|12.0

Gewürztraminer  Peach, Pear, Spice  L  |No  |D|12.0
Pinot Grigio  Floral, Tropical Fruit, Gentle Spice  M |No  |D|12.0
Riesling  Apricot, Pear, Apple   L  |No  |D|12.0
Sauvignon Blanc  Smoke, Gooseberry, Kiwi  M |Yes |D|12.0
Traminer Riesling  Tropical Fruit, Floral, Spice   M |No  |O|12.0
Viognier  Dried Apricots, Melon, Honey  L   |No  |D| 12.0

White Zinfandel    Strawberry, Melon, Spice  L   |No   |D|12.0


Red Whites

Cabernet Merlot  Blackberry, Currant, Green Pepper  M |Yes |0 |12.0
Cabernet Sauvignon  Oaky, Cassis, Spice  M |Yes | 0 12.0
Cabernet Shiraz  Blue Plum, Blackcurrant, Spice  F   |Yes |0 |12.0
Merlot  Oaky, Blackberry, Strawberry   M |Yes |0 |12.0
Nebbiolo Ripe Berries, Black Fruit, Leather   MF|Yes |0 |12.0
Pinot Noir  Raspberry, Cherry, Spice   M  |No  |0 |12.0
Shiraz  Plum, Blackberry, Black Pepper  MF |Yes |0 |12.0
Trilogy  Red Berries, Black Fruit, Spice  M  |Yes | 0 |12.5
Valroza®  Supple, Cherry, Plum   MF |Yes |0 |12.0
Vieux Château du Roi® Berry, Spice, Plum  MF| Yes | 0 |12.0