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When you want an all around, easy-drinking wine to suit any occasion, look no further than VineCo Original Series.  Keep these approachable and delicious wines on hand for all of life's special (and not so special) events.


White and Rosè Wines


Chardonnay, California - Green apple, pear and apricot M|No|D|12.5%
Gewürztraminer, California - Floral, apricot and pineapple. L|No|O|12.0%
Liebfraumilch, California - Citrus, peach. L|No|O|12.0%
Moscato, California - Grapey, apple and citrus. M|No|M|8.5%
Pinot Grigio, Italy - Green apple, lemon and lime. M|No|D|12.5%
Riesling, Washington - Green apple, citrus, and mineral notes. L|No|O|12%
Sauvignon Blanc, Chile - Herbaceous, stone fruit and tropical fruit. M|No|D|12.5%
Viognier, California – Tangerine, peach and rosa M|D|No|12.0%
White Zinfandel, California – Strawberry and raspberry. LM|No|O|12.0%


Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile - Blackberry, black raspberry, and cedar. MF|Yes|D|12.5%
Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre, Australia – Black cherry, spice and blackberry. MF|Yes|D|13%
Malbec, Chile – Blackberry, black cherry, and oak. MF|Yes|D|13%
Matador Red, Chile – Ripe berries and jammy spicy notes. MF|Yes|D|13%
Merlot, Chile – Blackberry, cherry and vanilla. M|Yes|D|13.0%
Pinot Noir, California – Raspberry cherry and earthy notes. LM|Yes|D|12.5%
Sangiovese, Italy – Sour cherry, strawberry, and prune. M|Yes|D|13.0%
Shiraz, California – Black cherry, leather and spice. MF|Yes|D|13.0%
Tempranillo, Spain – Red cherry, strawberry and smoke. M|Yes|D|13.0%
Trilogy, California – Toasty black cherry, and blackberry. M|Yes|D|13.0%
Valroza™, Italy (Valpolicella)- Raspberry, strawberry and plum. M|Yes|D|13.0%
Vieux Château du Roi, California – Red berries and plum. M|Yes|D|13%