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When you want to elevate your craft, choose VineCo Estate Series™  craft winemaking kits. Selected from the world's most renowned wine growing regions, and made with the highest quality juices and concentrates, it's love at first sip. 


White and Rosè Wines

Chardonnay Australia - Tropical fruit, ripe peach and toasted vanilla M|M|D|13%
Gewürztraminer, Germany – Floral with peach, lychee and honey. LM|No|O|11.5%
Pinot Grigio, Italy - Green apple, citrus and crisp acidity. LM|No|D|12.5%
Riesling, California – Apricot, mango and high acidity. LM|No|D|12.5%
Sauvignon Blanc, California – Citrus, peach and passion fruit. LM|No|D|13%
Traminer Riesling, Australia – Aromatic with lime, apple and stone fruit. LM|O|No|12.0%
Grenache Rosè, Australia – Red cherry, strawberry and refreshing acidity. M|No|D|12%

Red Wines

Amarone, Italy – Black cherry, plum and chocolate. F|M|Yes|13.5%
Cabernet Merlot, California – Black cherry, tobacco and mint. F|Yes|D|13%
Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia – Black currant, chocolate, bay leaf and toasted notes. F|Yes|D|13.5%
Cabernet Shiraz, Australia - Blackberry, pepper, leather, and toast. F|Yes|D|13.5%
Carmenère, Chile - Raspberry, red cherry and plum. M|Yes|D|13.5%
Malbec, Argentina – Black plum, clove, and charred wood. F|Yes|D|13.5%
Merlot, California – Blackberry, fruitcake and coffee. M|Yes|D|13.0%
Mystic, California – Smooth black cherry, vanilla and mocha. MF|Yes|O|13%
Pinot Noir, Chile – Strawberry, raspberry and vegetal character. M|Yes|D|13%
Primo Rosso, Italy – Ripe, dark fruit flavours and spice. F|Yes|D|13.5%
Shiraz, Australia – Black currant, dark chocolate and meaty. F|Yes|D|13.5%
Vieux Château du Roi, France – Red fruit, spice and leather notes. F|Yes|D|13%